The Gujarat Methodist Church Cardiothoracic and Vascular Research Society is a registered society recognized by the Govt. of India as a research organization. The sole objective is to conduct meaningful research in the field of cardiovascular diseases.GMCCC LOGO FINAL


To undertake scientific research in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and its allied fields that

–       Is of excellent quality
–       Is ethical
–       translates into alleviating the suffering associated with these disorders through prevention and improved, more cost effective care of persons suffering from disorders in these fields

Summary of Objectives of GMCCV & Research Society as stated in the memorandum of the society

1. To undertake scientific research in the field of cardiology and diseases of the heart, lungs and chest (cardiothoracic and vascular surgery) of major and minor blood vessels, the pathology and physiology, and the medical and surgical treatment of the same such that basic and applied research in these and allied fields would lead to improved and cost effective care of patients suffering from disorders in these fields, and to help in prevention, cure and amelioration in their conditions.

a) In furtherance of the above stated objective all research projects would be approved through a research advisory and ethics committee.

b) Research projects would focus on

Developing new techniques, reducing cost of treatment and prevention of these diseases.
Developing new drugs, methods of diagnosis and treatment protocols which would benefit the patient.
To study the physiology and pathology, disease patterns and epidemiology of these diseases with a view to prevent and improve treatment.
To develop new equipment and instruments in the field.

c) Collaborate with other institutions and organizations in research programs and projects

d) Learning from others and presentation of our findings through conferences, workshops and symposia and publishing our work


Chief research officer
Research scientists
Senior Research Officer
Research Officer
Data managers
Administrative staff
Project staff


Conduct population based and clinical research studies
Assist the research scientists in conducting technical support in design and conduct of research projects
Organize research advisory and ethics review committee meeting
Raise funds for research projects approved by the research advisory and ethics committee
Conduct research discussions and journal reviews once a month
Conduct in house training of staff in research methods
Maintain library with internet facility
Liaise with other research institutes in the field
Publish findings of research projects
Conduct workshops and seminars to encourage research and discuss findings
Organize Community based programs to disseminate findings of research and create awareness