Gift a Heart

'Gift a Heart' is a program conceptualized by DDMM Heart Institute to make cardiovascular treatment available to every individual, who is a victim of coronary disease, AND a victim of the social and economic strife. There are vast segments most neglected when it comes to the availability of appropriate treatment for heart ailments. With a humanitarian objective at heart we strive to bring a healthy change in many such lives. DDMM requests for your kind support to help us achieve progress in this noble cause.

We are a cardiac super-specialty centre with ultramodern, centrally air-conditioned cardiac operation theatre, critical care units, and the most recent addition for the first time in Gujarat, the AXIOM Artis dF with Flat Detector technology from Siemens, the hi-tech catheterization laboratory for complete imaging, examination and interventions.

DDMM functions with an altruistic objective at heart, striving to protect the precious beat of life. We are grateful for the gracious support of many organizations and individuals. Each small act of generosity helps DDMM to realize its vision…
It has been observed in the light of various factors that the number of individuals suffering from cardiac ailments is steadily increasing. Certain people are more prone to the risk of heart diseases, and the lack of adequate monetary output may deprive them from appropriate treatment at the right time. It is crucial to understand these aspects that endanger the precious beat of life, and make an effort to extend a helping hand to such individuals and their families in such troubled times.
Sapna is one of our few infant patients, undergoing treatment for critical cardiac condition. Timely treatment for this girl child was possible as Sapna's mother, a cleaning lady of the hospital, brought it to the notice of one of the doctors in the Institute. But, there many baby girls who are not as fortunate as Sapna to get appropriate treatment for cardiac issues. It is clear from various surveys that congenital cardiac diseases occur more in India compared to other countries. Of these young victims, the number of girls suffering from a cardiac ailment is much higher compared to that of boys. Yet, in effect 80% of surgeries are done only on boys. In many parts of the country, a girl child is still deprived of her very existence. In adverse financial conditions, very often the critical condition of young girls is ignored as it appears to be simply burdensome for the family. Apart from the discriminative attitude, many of these young lives do not get a fair chance to survive due to the lack of adequate monetary resources.
It is crucial to bring a wave of change in this scenario…
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Liver Failure Treatment at Apollo Hospital - Girls 5% Boys 95%
Of 142 babies assessed for liver transplant, 44 were girls. Families of 40 of these girls refused to go ahead with treatment
Kidney transplant at AIIMS - Girls 20% Boys 80%
Babies operated at Escorts Heart Institute in 2003 - Girls 34% Boys 66%
Male-female ratio of organ donors at AIIMS: 40:100
Male-female ratio of recipients at AIIMS: 560:100
According to World Health Organization (WHO), by 2010, India will have a staggering
100 million people afflicted
with heart disease
Heart attacks, stroke
and heart disease kill
almost twice as many
women as all forms of
cancer combined
In India, in the past
five decades, rates of
coronary disease among
urban populations
have risen from
4% to 11%
But you can bring hope to these lives…with 'Gift a Heart'.
Somaben hails from Mewad, Saurashtra. She gladly runs the entire household, never paying much heed to the warning signs of her cardiac health. This is a characteristic akin to most of the womenfolk, especially in the rural parts of the country. Most of these women do not take their health issues too seriously for their social upbringing is such, where they are more concerned about the health and comfort of the other family members. When these women suffer from cardiac problems, it is generally seen that a lot of precious time is lost before they are finally brought to the hospital for treatment.

It is greatly observed that in many parts of the country, the proper cardiac treatment of women is ignored as the absence of the woman member appears more as an inconvenience to the whole family. Moreover, the non-working women are considered to make negligible contribution in monetary aspects, hence the financially pressed families find the cost of their treatment burdensome. It is important to bring awareness against such attitude and to provide certain answers for saving the lives of the numerous women who are victims of cardiac ailments
Manoj is 38 years old and has already experienced his first cardiac arrest. A civil engineer by profession, he is the sole bread winner, supporting a family of five. This young professional represents the several young men and women who are responsible to keep the family running forward by providing them with all the timely needs of life. When their health crumbles, the entire family collapses as well.

Young professionals are increasingly experiencing more stress with the changing work scenario of the present times. The professional environment, the working hours, etc. leads to an altered social lifestyle, where they fail to pay heed to their health, resorting to ill-timed and unhealthy eating habits, insufficient sleep and rest, lack of exercise, etc. Many of these individuals are prone to experiencing stress and depression and try to find relief by falling prey to tobacco abuse, drinking alcohol or smoking leading to a critical deterioration of their cardiac health.

As Manoj fights his condition in the hospital, his family struggles to save his life by pooling financial aid from different resources. It is a tragic situation that many such families find too difficult to cope with....
And you can bring a big difference even in a small way… with 'Gift a Heart'.
How "Gift A Heart" works?
With 'Gift a Heart' people from India and overseas now have the noble opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these deprived / neglected cardiac patients who seek medical treatment, but fall short in terms of monetary resources. 'Gift a Heart' strives to replenish this short fall with your support.
DDMM Heart Institute will identify those individuals, who suffer from cardiac ailments, but due to their monetary and social shortcomings, are unable to afford appropriate treatment. Complete profiles of such individuals would be posted on the DDMM website with details of the required treatment. You may select a specific patient profile and provide a full/partial sponsorship towards his/her treatment. Even a small contribution towards our scheme can be a lifesaver..
Details of donor as well as the patient profile and complete status report of the concerned treatment will be updated on the website
Your noble gesture to
help us towards
bringing health and
happiness in the lives
of the needy is all we
ask of you…
We encourage even the small donations generated from the collective efforts of individuals coming together as a group.
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