DDMM essentially has two Cardiac Surgical Theatres equipped with the finest heart lung machine, intra aortic balloon pump and monitoring equipment for performing all types of Cardiac and Vascular surgeries. Cardiac surgeries are performed on both adults and small children, including neonates. We perform beating heart surgeries (coronary bypass without using the heart lung machine), corrective cardiac surgeries (correction of defects of the heart) and cosmetic incisions are done for valve replacements. DDMM has been among the first to perform awake CABGs.

The Pathology and Biochemistry Laboratory is open 24 hours for all blood tests including lipid profile, blood gas analysis, etc. These facilities are available for outside patients as well. Our Blood Bank is the only one open for all 24 hours in the entire district. This proves to be a tremendous support to the surgical programmes and is easily available to the outsiders as well.

The Institute also has a full time Physiotherapist who meets the physiotherapy needs of the in patients and out patients. Similarly our Dietary Department has dieticians to provide necessary care to all the patients. Many patient awareness programmes are organized to educate people on the physiotherapy and dietary needs by these departments.

In addition, several research and other activities are also conducted. The C.J. Patel Institute of Cardiac Research has full time staff that works in conjunction with the specialists to conduct research activities to help identify the factors that lead to the high incidence of Coronary Disease in Gujarat. With regards to the same, various academic programs are also organized for internal training and medical audit for the staff and doctors on a weekly basis.