Blood Bank


It is our pleasure to introduce our Blood Bank which is the only Blood Bank with components facility and 24hrs blood supply in Kheda district. Whole blood usage is obsolete in modern medicines since 1980’s. Blood is best used, when separated into Red cells, Plasma, Platelets and Cryoprecipitate. By the usage to blood components therapy up to 4 patients are saved from one unit of blood, which is not the case with whole blood. The backbone of our facility is our Voluntary Blood Donors. Motivational talk and educational campaigns was carried out in various places of our district. Blood donors keep walking in our blood bank to save lives. We process components close to 8000 units each year. This would benefit a population of approx. 17184116 over a geographic area of 4219 sq km (Kheda district) and especially poor patients who cannot afford the additional cost of travel to those places to procure blood. 93% of our components are issued to outside patients even though we are a hospital attached Blood Bank. Our Blood Bank is equipped with dedicated team of Transfusion officer, Medical officers, NACO trained technicians, social workers and administrative staffs  in accordance with national guidelines. Our quality control is stringent and we strictly adhere to national blood transfusion guidelines. Our External Quality Assurance programme is with CMC Vellore, Tamilnadu as well as with BJ Medical College, Gujarat.



Facility available in our Blood Bank

1. Red Blood Cells in additive solution (PCV)

2. Platelet   concentrate-Random Donor Platelets

3. Platelet Rich Plasma

4. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

5. Leucoreduced Red Cells

6. Saline washed Red cells(on request)

7. Paediatric Unit-RBC/FFP

8. Whole Blood

24*7 opened for service

We support  Thalassemia patients, Sickle cell patients, and Hemophiliac patients by supplying free of cost components. Unaffordable patients from civil hospital also given free of cost. Patients coming from Anath Ashram and the clinicians feel the patient is unaffordable ,then the components are supplied at subsidiary rates.

Following the blood’s journey from donation to processing to transfusion and available to unaffordable all the time would makes this noblest of act an enriching experience for every Donor and the Blood Bank.