DDMM is deeply committed to bring about a difference in the present cardiac health scenario in the country. There is a considerable increase in the spread of heart diseases in the entire world, especially in India. Coronary heart disease in India accounts for nearly 16.5 percent of all male deaths and 17.1 percent of all female deaths. Many of the factors putting Indians at risk are the same that have made CHD the killer of some seven million world wide each year: An unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, stress and consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

          DDMM regularly conducts ‘Patient Awareness Programs’ with the aim of creating awareness among people about heart diseases. Under this program, special seminars for heart patients and general public are organized, focusing on various heart ailments and means to prevent them. We also conduct outreach programs in various areas for diagnosis as well as prevention of coronary heart disease. Flyers, posters and pamphlets are distributed to provide essential information in a simple format.
          In the quest to keep abreast with developments in the field, weekly academic sessions are held for doctors, nurses and technicians. In addition, seminars and workshops are held by the team for other members of the medical field through various medical associations. ‘Health Awareness’ talks are given by the team through many forums.